Paraguay (14) exports of garments in the first quarter of 2014

Paraguay (14) exports of garments in the first quarter of 2014

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According to the Pakistani Garment Industry Association (AICP) statistics, the total export value of garments for the first quarter of Pakistan (2014) is US $ 18.1 million, up 36% from $ 13.3 million in the same period last year, with 47.3% of Brazilian exports, 23% for Argentina and 15.5% for Uruguay, to export to other countries such as Panama, Haiti and The proportion of Colombia is minimal. Cortinería del Paraguay SA (export value of $ 3.86 million) is the first, followed by Acara Aiso Import-Export SRL (export value of $ 1.81 million), Indopar Enterprises EIRL (export value of 143 (Export value of $ 1.31 million), Total Impar Paraguay SA (export value of $ 1.07 million), MMKM SA (export value of $ 850,000), Sican SA (export value of $ 810,000), Global Confecciones SRL (Export value of $ 780,000), Asociación de Mejoramiento Mutuo (export value of $ 770,000) and NE Comercial Industrial SRL (export value of $ 750,000).

The Association also noted that the Argentine authorities have increased the impact of trade barriers from the importation of foreign imports before the importation of foreign imports from February 2011 (2011) in February, , But since January 25, 2012, the abolition of the Arab imports of goods before the declaration of "non-automatic import license" control measures, which is conducive to Pakistan's exports to expand the Arab market. Published in Taiwan yellow pages