Must see the ultra-practical !! clothes do not care on what can be

There are several clothes in the closet are yellowed, always thought it was not clean! Now finally know, and there are ways to deal with, very happy!

Laundry tips:

1, cleaning white, white socks

 White clothing on the stubborn hard to eradicate, this time to take a lemon sliced boiled water after the white clothes into the water soak, about 15 minutes after the cleaning can be.

2, cleaning clothes smell

 Sometimes the clothes due to drying should not be, there will be unpleasant sweat taste, take white vinegar and water mixture, soak the taste of clothes about five minutes, and then the clothes in the ventilated place to dry it!

3, easy to remove the clothes on the pen

 First, evenly sprinkle alcohol on the clothes of the pen, alcohol to use the concentration of not less than 75% of the medical alcohol. Do not touch the other side of the clothes, otherwise the color of the pen may be dyed to the rest of the clothes.

 Ready for most of the pot of water, the next will be full of two bottles of bleached water poured in the water, take along the mixing, plus a little detergent, so that detergent can be fully soluble in water. The clothes completely soaked in water, the time is twenty minutes. Cleaning clothes, a little mark no!

There is also a way to solve: that is, do not rush to the clothes into the water, but the first wash with a bottle of gasoline and then wash the part of the wash.

4, cleaning clothes on the sauce stains

 Method one: first stained with stains where the water soaked, and then sprinkled with a spoonful of sugar, hand rub. We can see a part of the sauce traces have been stained with sugar, and then washed with water, can remove the stains.

 Method 2: the white vest soaked, stained with soy sauce stained place where the soda powder, 10 minutes after the wash with water, you can get rid of soy sauce stains.

5, cleaning clothes on the paint

 Clothes on the rub to the paint how to do it? The method is to put the cool oil to sticky paint the site, because the cool oil contained in the material can dissolve paint, and then rinse clean. If the stained with water-soluble paint (such as water-soluble paint, latex paint) and home interior wall paint, timely water wash that is out; if the nylon fabric is stained with paint, can be coated with lard rub, and then washed with detergent, Clean water.

6, cleaning grass stains

 You need to prepare a hundred grams of salt, and you also need to prepare 1000 grams of water. Pour the water into the container, stir well, put the clothes stained with grass stains into the pot, soak in salt water for 10 minutes. The clothes into the water to clean, then you will find that you can easily put the stubborn grass stains washed away.

7, cleaning and dyeing clothes

 Just when contaminated, should immediately wash with cold water or salt (disable hot water, because the blood containing protein, heat will be solidified, easy to melt), and then soap or 10% potassium iodide solution cleaning;

With white radish juice or mashed carrots mixed with salt can remove the blood on the clothes;

With 10% tartaric acid solution to wipe stains, and then washed with cold water;

With the enzyme washing powder to remove blood stains, the effect is very good;

If the pollution time is longer, you can use 10% ammonia or 3% hydrogen peroxide wipe the sewage, after a while, then cold water strong wash.

 Such as still not clean, and then 10-15% of the oxalic acid solution, and finally rinse with water.

 Whether it is a new trace, traces, can be used sulfur soap rubbing cleaning.

 Apply paint on the blood of the paint, stay for 15 minutes or so, you can wash with water soap.

8, easy to wash off the clothes on the mold point

 As the weather is hot and humid air, or seasonal, washed clothes are easy to mold, especially the white clothes, once grown on the mold point, is very depressing thing.

 It does not matter, to deal with these moldy point, there are many ways:

 Green bean sprouts; the tender green bean sprouts on the mold point, his hands hard to rub, is not clean some of it? Put some green bean sprouts then rub, hum, color and light a lot, and then rub, Kung Fu There are heart, no mold point, and finally rinse with water, ha ha, it is so simple, the problem solved;

Clothing on the mildew can be sun exposure in the first, after the brush with the hair, and then washed with alcohol;

The mold was stained stained clothes into the thick soapy water soaked, with soapy water out, set the sun for a while, repeated drying several times, until the plaque removed, and then clean water;

Silk clothing can be washed with citric acid, then washed with cold water;

Hemp fabric mold stains, calcium chloride can be used for cleaning;

The stain on the fabric can also be washed with a mustard solution or a borax solution (two tablespoons of mustard or two tablespoons of borax)

With 2% soap alcohol solution (250 grams of alcohol with a soft soap, stirring evenly) wipe, and then bleach 3-5% sodium hypochlorite or wipe with hydrogen peroxide, and finally washed. This method is limited to white clothing, traces can be soaked in solution for 1 hour.

9, cleaning red, purple syrup

 Red stains can be washed with white vinegar, and then drift with water;

In addition can be the first red water immersion after washing with glycerol, and then repeated washing with ammonia soap, if adding a few drops of dilute acetic acid solution, and then washed with soap, the effect is better;

Treatment of purple water, can be a small amount of insurance powder diluted with boiling water, with a small brush dipped in the solution wipe. Repeated with the insurance powder and water scrub until the net (wool stickers, change clothes, silk and direct dye color disabled Oh !!)

10, cleaning plaster

 Sometimes Yiyi rub on the plaster can be added with alcohol a few drops of water (or sorghum wine can also be), placed in a stained place with stains rubbing, until the plaster to the net, and then rinse with water, or baked alum End rubbing, and then washed with water;

Also available edible alkali surface sprinkled in the sewage, add some warm water, rub a few times, you can remove. If the alkali surface iron spoon heated after the sprinkle to the sewage, then warm water rubbing wash, decontamination faster.

11, cleaning yellowing clothes

 In fact, the clothes will turn yellow, mostly fluorescent agent weak, want to restore the white clothes bright, you have to think of a way.

 Wash rice + orange peel is simple and effective:

 Keep the rice water or the orange peel into the pot and add water to cook, the yellowing clothes soaked in which you can easily let the clothes to restore white. Not only simple, not like the market selling fluorescent whitening agent will have side effects on the skin and not hurt clothing, is worth a try a good way;

Sweat produced by the yellow stains, with ammonia to remove: sweat sweat caused by sweat, because it contains fat sweat, easy to coagulation in the cloth fiber, so when adding about 2 tablespoons of ammonia water, soak for a few minutes, scrub, And then washed with water, in accordance with the general laundry procedures, you can remove the yellow sweat myself!

12, cleaning beer, rice wine stains

 Cracks can be washed with water, then 2% ammonia and borax mixture rubbing, and finally rinse with water; rice wine traces, after washing with water, and then 5% borax solution and 3% hydrogen peroxide wipe At the end, with the water drift net.

13, clean fruit juice printed

 The new stains can be used to wipe the sewage salt, or immediately spread the salt in the sewage, hand light rub, wet with water after immersion in the detergent solution can also be washed with warm water rub soap;

After the trace and trace, you can first use 5% ammonia and fruit juice in the organic acid, and then washed with detergent. For the chemical fiber blends containing wool may have tartaric acid cleaning;

Such as the fabric is white, in 3% of the hydrogen peroxide by adding a few drops of ammonia, with cotton balls or cloth dipped in this solution will be wetting the stains, and then wipe with a clean cloth, dried;

With 3-5% sodium hypochlorite solution wipe stains, and then drift net water. If the traces of the solution can be soaked in the solution after 1-2 hours, and then scrub, drift net;

On the peach juice trace, because it contains high iron, so can be used in addition to oxalic acid solution. On the persimmon stains, immediately with wine and concentrated salt water rub, and then clean the detergent solution, clean water;

Tomato sauce can first scrape dry track, wash with a warm detergent. Jam can be washed with water after shampoo shampoo, and then soapy soap, washed with water.

14, cleaning rust

 Do you always run this?

Take fresh lemon, you can squeeze out the juice drops on the rust stains rubbed by hand, repeated several times until the rust stains removed, and then washed with soap and water.

15, cleaning iodine wine

 Iodine wine stains can be first soaked with starch rubbing (starch instantly black in iodine), and then gently wash away with soapy water.

 Light iodine stains can be used hot water or alcohol, can also be used to wash the potassium iodide solution. Concentrated stains can be immersed in 15-20% of the hot soda solution, about 2 hours or so, and then rinse with water.

16, cleaning ink stamps

 When the wool or cloth stained with oil, you should first rinse with hot water or boiled water, and then scrub with soapy water, then clean water, clean, you can clean. Do not use cold water to wash, because it will make the color immersed in fiber, it is difficult to wash.

 Because the main ingredient of butter is fat, alcohol or ammonia can be used to wash away.

17, cleaning lipstick printed

 Need to make-up JM, it is estimated that most fear is undress is rubbing lipstick printed friends;

Such as stained with lipstick, you can first use a small brush dipped in gasoline gently brush rub, to net oil, and then washed with a warm detergent solution;

If there is no gasoline can also use bubble-type mineral water or soda with soda water, down on the clean cloth pat on the place where the mark, it is effective Oh!

18, cleaning tea, coffee stains

 Tea, coffee, coffee, these drinks contaminated clothing, can be immediately washed with 70-80% of hot water, can be removed.

 Old tea, can be concentrated with salt water immersion, or with ammonia and glycerol mixture (1:10) rubbing wash. Silk and wool fabric disabling ammonia, 10% glycerol solution can be used to rub, and then washed with detergent washed with water.

 Old tea and coffee traces, glycerol and egg yolk mixed solution can be wiped, slightly dry with water drift net. Or in the stains coated with glycerol, and then sprinkled with a few pieces of borax, with boiling water immersion. Can also be diluted with ammonia, borax heating water wipe.

 Old coffee traces can be wiped with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, then washed with water, can also be washed with salt or glycerol solution.

19, remove the candle oil

 First with a knife gently scrape off the surface waxy, and then use the two grass paper care in the stains up and down, with iron iron two or three times, with the heat of the iron cloth to melt the wax, melting wax oil is absorbed by straw paper The Repeated several times, candle mime can be removed in addition.

20, remove chewing gum:

 Stick to the chewing gum clothes, you can use cotton sticky vinegar, you can easily rub the chewing gum;

On the clothes on the gum candy, can first use a knife to scrape away, take the egg in the ruins to make it loose, and then one by one wipe, and finally in the soap and water to clean, clean water;

You can also first clothes wrapped with plastic bags, frozen into the refrigerator for half a day, and so on the clothes on the chewing gum hardened to take out, gently rub, chewing gum soon out, and no trace of no!

21, clever wash white shoes

 That white shoes, you may have had the same trouble - hard to clean the white shoes after the sun there is such a yellow mark, really ugly ah! May wish to try the enthusiastic audience in Miss to provide this trick, so that white shoes After washing still bright white as new!

First wash the shoes with soap or detergent to wash the shoes soaked in beer for three minutes, and then the shoes to the balcony, on the shade, and in the upper with toilet paper cover, dry! Effect is obvious The